bread baking

last thursday i made some spur of the moment bread..

i have to agree with robyn about the warm fuzzies from bread baking. especially while wearing a cute apron.. this is the second time i made this recipe.. i watched some videos to learn how to braid the bread (actually.. i watched three different videos and they did it differently in each one..). half of the recipe made two loaves that size (not that you can tell how big that is from the picture..). i threw in some wheat flour this time, but not much.

p.s. - oscar just climbed on the bed and sat down next to me with a book and said, "by dr. seuss" what a cutie.


--r said...

oooh. that looks super tasty.
too bad i don't have the cute apron. i think i might need to remedy that situation. :)

Jennifer Taylor said...

That looks so yummy!

I make a 4-braid Finnish sweet bread with cardamom that's one of my favorites. My easy tip for remembering how to braid it is "#2 up, #4 over."