christmas vacation

a quick post about our fabulous christmas in ohio:

oscar loving the snow, even when he fell in face first; riding the train at the mall after informing santa that he would like a stick, a pine cone, and a vacuum cleaner; oscar and jeremy hanging with the dinos at the natural history museum.

oscar, sammy and robyn working in gramma's cookie factory.

going to see the christmas lights at nela park. the pie plate christmas trees were everyones favorite.

christmas eve service at church. gramma in her awesome handmade shawl and oscar; robyn in her awesome ruffly red jacket and cutest sammy ever; story time with grandpa: the night before christmas, how the grinch stole christmas, and this is the stable.

christmas day fun. abby, sammy and angie; chris, pete and mike; a special picture for aunt robyn of oscar's happy hair; abby squishing the squishy ball - eek! those dimples are to die for!
best christmas ever!

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--r said...

that's some great happy hair!
we're so glad you guys came. too bad there wasn't more snow for you. we're getting a LOT now though - so feel free to come back :)