hello 2010.

7:51 pm
the men hang out after filling up on party food.

7:55 pm
christmas presents!

8:05 pm
cleanup crew.

8:08 pm
testing out new toys.

8:48 pm
the boys get to work.

8:49 pm
so that we can get to work.

10:35 pm
rock'em sock'em robot tournament

tough competition

2:03 am
oscar is pooped and nana got a little nap while rocking him to sleep. back to work on that puzzle!
danielle and boys left at some point around 3 or 4, but i was too tired and focused on the puzzle for pictures.

4:51 am
amazed we finished the puzzle in one night!
a 1000 piece new years miracle

careful, nana. dont fall over!

happy new year everyone.

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--r said...

wow. brave souls! there's no way anyone could get me to stay up that late.