snow day!

we're getting a little bit of snow in mississippi today! actually, we have about as much snow now as there was in ohio at christmas. when oscar saw it he insisted that we needed to get a new tree because it was snowing and that's when you're supposed to have a christmas tree.

it is very wet snow and good for packing, so everyone is out building snowmen and playing with snowballs. the neighbors built that snowman while oscar and i were still eating breakfast, but i threw down a carrot for his nose.

we went out and played for a little while - built and destroyed a small snowman, threw some snowballs, made lots of footprints, and a snow angel. then we came inside for some hot chocolate!

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--r said...

how fun! i'd love to send you some more snow. we've got lots.
love that boy with his hot cocoa and happy hair!