dino dinner

it's not a party without some yummy foods - so we had lots! carnivore cuisine (meatballs), dinosaur bones (pretzels), stegosaurus plates (potato chips), dinosaur eggs (easter candy), dino-dig cups (pudding cups), triceratops treasure (fruit salad), herbivores delight (veggies w/ dip), and dinosaur cookies. gramma and grandpa were a huge help with food prep and set up!

here is a better look at the dino-dig cup. it's really just a dirt cup with the addition of these rocks and some candy bones i was fortunate to find at the party store.
the food must have been good because the kids were very quiet for awhile!


--r said...

i love the dinosaur dig cups! brilliant!
(is your hand model grandma?)

Christy said...

This is too cute! I followed you from a link on frostme b/c I just did some dinosaur egg soap, and I guess dino is on the brain!! I love the dig cups...too too cute!