LLL Picnic

we had a wonderful World Breastfeeding Week Picnic this year at Maynor Creek Water Park. as with every outdoor charity event i've participated in this year, it rained (and i really thought it wouldn't!! only 20% chance of rain). but it didn't rain until near the end of the picnic!

left to right: lexi, michelle, christy holding shepard, monicah and chrimson, scotie, me and oscar, denise, melissa, patrick and kristen

top photo is me and michelle, bottom photo is me and denise. i love these LLLadies! michelle was a huge help with the picnic and denise is just so sweet and crazy!

i did some face painting - pretty much just butterflies and batmans (i totally love that chrimson wanted the batman face - coolest little girl ever - am i right?) here is patrick with a batman face and scotie with a butterfly

top photo: christy, shepard and monicah

bottom photo: aunt janie, oscar and nana

had lots of fun just hanging out and visiting - sorry i didn't get more pictures!

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