big boy bed

since oscar's previous bed was a crib that was declared a death trap (in TWO recalls), we thought it was time to upgrade. since we've already got another kiddo on the way, we decided to go with bunk beds that can be taken apart into two beds. by the time the next baby is out of our bed, oscar should be old enough to sleep on the top bunk. oscar was very excited about his new bed, even though he's not old enough to sleep on top. he asked me every day for about a week if he was old enough yet. i'm doing a bit more sprucing up of his bedroom and perhaps i'll show pictures sometime when it feels finished (which probably means never).
also, the other day when oscar was off adventuring with his nana i did some major rearranging of our bedroom to make room for the changing table and a co-sleeper. when jeremy got home he scolded me for moving furniture and then said he wasn't leaving me home without kids anymore because who knows what kind of trouble i'll get into next.

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--r said...

cool big boy bed. and i bet that box is just waiting to be made into a clubhouse…or a rocketship…or a lemonade stand…
i think i better come over and play with that box for you. :)