guac please!

so saturday jeremy canned some yummy yummy salsa because we were being overrun with tomatoes and we thought maybe some guacamole and tacos would be good to have as well. i was so bummed when i got to the store and there were only very green avocados.. but then i found some of this. which looked scary, but would still let us have some guac while our avocados got ripe. so i bought it. when i got it home i realized it was supposed to be refrigerated (it wasnt at the store) and it had expired at the beginning of the month. i was crushed! no guacamole! what a catastrophe! but anyway.. the tacos and salsa were fabulous.

when our avocados finally got ready i mashed them up in this recipe and it was heavenly! since we'd already eaten our tacos, i changed our beef and broccoli dinner into a steak fajita dinner and we gladly glopped some guac on our fajitas! (isn't my paper towel backdrop in that photo classy?)

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