guess what?

it's a girl! (or at least the dr. was 80% sure) i'm not sure that 80% is enough to have me completely convinced, so hopefully we'll get another peek later to confirm things. after the appointment we went to walmart to buy a few girl things to celebrate. jeremy picked out some newborn sleepers -

and i picked out this purple striped newborn onesie. oscar picked out some newborn gowns, but i'm not a huge fan of those because of cold tootsies, so we didn't get them. now i feel really bad about it because he didn't get to pick anything that we actually bought (besides picking his favorite sleeper out of the pack). but there's still plenty of time for that, i suppose.

it was very strange shopping for girl clothes!!! i've spent the past 4 years not looking too closely at them because it always made me worry that i might not ever have a girl. so hopefully that 80% is right - although at the same time i was a bit sad not to be using some of those really cute boy clothes that i saw when sorting last weekend...

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Lauren @ Hobo Mama said...

Aw, nice! I hope we have a girl sometime, too. I think the shopping will be such fun!