camp recipe

i can't remember what website i saw this on, but we gave this camp meatloaf a try and it was YUM.

first you get two or three layers of an onion and chop up some of the onion innards to add to some meat. i did three onions but didnt use all the onion innards. i used some ground turkey - added the onion, salt and pepper, egg, some crushed up sun chips (i was going to throw in some bread crumbs, but the boys were gone in the car which had the bread in it) and i'm not sure what else.

then you stuff the onions with your meatloafy mixture and wrap it all up in foil.

then you put jeremy to work making fire and cooking up all the goodies you've prepped. we ate this meatloaf with the potato and asparagus packs that i showed in the last post.

i think we cooked it at least 30 min or so... i'm not really sure. a meat thermometer would have come in handy here.

and then the boys gave it a test run. jeremy said it was the best meatloaf he had ever had! and oscar finished his meatloaf way before any of his potatoes and asparagus were gone. for dessert we had banana smiles - we went through a lot of foil that night.


--r said...

it's highly unlikely that i'm going to try this recipe if i have to wait for jeremy to make me a fire.

CandidMommy said...

What a great idea!! I am totally going to try this, this summer!

I must shaer my favorite camping breakfast food- boil a pot of water over the fire, crack a few eggs into a freezer ziploc and add whatever omelet fixings you like (cheese, onion, peppers, etc.) then mix (so fun for kids!!) and boil... omelet in a bag (-; fun when you're out camping!

Missy said...

we tried doing the ziploc omelets and it was a horrible disaster! the only camp pots we have are in our mess kits, so they were just too small for fitting the bags in. i might have to find a pot for our camping supplies so that we can try again!