awesome water bottle giveaway!!! - ENDED!

  happy birthday to me!! i turn 30 today, so i thought i would do something fun and have my first giveaway! yay! now i know it's a bit silly to have a giveaway on my little bitty barely ever updated blog, but that's ok - i'm a bit silly myself.

so i've got one of these awesome thermos roho hydration bottles up for grabs. i got one for mother's day 2010 and have been pretty much attached to it since then (alice was the other thing i asked for for mother's day, and i've pretty much been attached to her too). a second one followed for christmas so that i can rotate them out. they are stainless steel. they have a really neato lid so you dont have to unscrew the top all the time (i hate that). you can open the bottle and take a drink one-handed. a ring on the lid pops up so you can grab it with just one free finger when you're carrying 20 things, two bags and a baby. plus it fits in cup holders. and looks pretty nice, too.

i love these water bottles!

so all you have to do to win this fabulous piece of hydration equipment is leave a comment telling me your name and something interesting about yourself. everyone besides jeremy can enter (he asked - he likes these water bottles too). i'll pick a random winner on june 23rd.

aren't you so excited?! i am!


Taci said...

My name is Taci and I love breastfeeding! And I wanna win! :-)

choklatesilkk said...

My name is Katrina. I am a mother of three beautiful kids whom I love very much. Oh, I love breastfeeding my toddler, reading (currently the Bible), writing (working on 3 pieces) traveling(will be on the road again soon), crocheting, etc

Ang said...

My name is Angie and I am family so I don't want you to pick me but thought it would be fun to tell a little about myself. I am a mother of two, nursing student, partner and valid multitasking attmepter. I am not as creative as any of my inlaws but am a pretty good cook and great storyteller. Thanks for all the great posts :) Love you

Danielle Rudd said...

Hey, It's Danielle. I'm really glad I came to your blog (not just for entering the contest) It's pretty cool!

Meghan said...

Hi I'm Meghan. I also love to drink one handed!

--r said...

can i enter on sam's behalf? he has lots of interesting things to say, like, "that's my bandaid," (which he said about three times a minute for 10 minutes after he got a bandaid). or "that's my tent," (which he must have told abby about 15 times while we were camping). or his current favorite, "i would like a marshmallow."
he can also tell you that old fred went to find help in his yellow submarine with ringo, john, george, and paul. and that the kitchen is his yellow "sumbarine".