wonderland funderland

so for some party activities we had some photo booth props pinspired by these. i made this little flower centerpiece with googly eyes like these flowers on pinterest, but ended up just using it to stick the props in. i need to pawn this stuff off on someone else having an alice in wonderland party - it feels so wasteful to toss it all in the trash...

we also had a little place for the time capsule so that people could write letters for alice. i put one of the invitations and a party favor in there too and she'll open it up when she turns 18. out of town family - the capsule is not sealed if you would like to send any 2011 memorabilia or letters for in there.

we also decorated some party hats (pinspiration) and the kids searched for these little white rabbits that  i printed and cut out. (and you can probably find them in all these blog posts because we hid them before taking any pictures...)


Anonymous said...

How did you make the photo booth props??

Missy said...

they were just paper cut out and hot glued to skinny dowel rods!