This is what I'd envisioned for the finished product
Danielle requested a lemon icebox cake for her birthday this year, and I love trying out a new recipe, so I jumped right in.  Of course I didn't leave it as the instructions said to make it.. SURELY it would be better with some lemon curd added to the filling... right?

Well, I don't think I understood how lemon juice thickens sweetened condensed milk. And I had no idea that adding nice thick lemon curd would actually thin it right back out. Who knew? That combined with a very light and crumbly box cake mix meant my four 9" layers of lemony perfection turned into this:

They were unceremoniously smashed into a 9x13 and coated with lots of lemony icing to hide my shame.

It was still yummy though!

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--r said...

it's nice to know that even the brilliant party lady strikes out sometimes.
if it makes you feel any better, i had at least three epic cake disasters this year, and considering i only made a total of five cakes (counting my two re-dos), my average stinks.